Roland as “The Replacement”

New Yorker profiles Illinois' junior senator

Sen. Roland Burris is keeping his head high and his pace quick as he goes about the daily business of being the junior senator from Illinois.

It's been a rough couple of months for the Chicagoan, but a recent article in The New Yorker shares a perspective most Illinois resident may be missing amid his Blagojevich-tainted appointment.

"Few senators in history have made a more ignominious national début than Roland Burris," Jeffrey Toobin writes in the article.

"In his very ordinariness, Burris may represent a triumph of sorts for the civil-rights movement, which was, at least in part, a struggle for black people to be seen as just like everybody else," the article states. 

It's an article well-worth the read, if you care to give Burris a fair shake.

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