Film to Portray Ebert’s Role as Screenwriter to 1970 Flick

"Russ & Roger Go Beyond" to detail Ebert's relationship with director Russ Meyer

Getty Images

The late film critic Roger Ebert is remembered for writing powerful movie reviews, but a planned movie will showcase a lesser-known aspect of his life -- that of screenwriter.

The project, titled "Russ & Roger Go Beyond" will portray the relationship between Ebert and director Russ Meyer as they collaborated on the film "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls."

The dramatization will reportedly detail the difficulty the pair had in getting the 1970 movie made with 20th Century Fox.

Meyer and Ebert remained friends until Meyer passed away in September 2004. Ebert passed away earlier this year after a long public battle with cancer.

The screenplay was written by Christopher Cluess, whose work includes "Saturday Night Live," "Clueless," and "Night Court."

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