Rodgers Empathizes With Cutler Over Kromer Controversy

The Chicago Bears’ trainwreck of a season is nearing its end, but even opposing players are weighing in on the messy situation in the Windy City.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was asked Wednesday about his take on the Aaron Kromer/Jay Cutler situation. Cutler, who was benched by the Bears on Wednesday evening, was criticized in the media by an anonymous source, and eventually it was revealed that it was Kromer who was behind the report.

To his credit, Cutler accepted Kromer’s apology, but Rodgers wasn’t so sure he would have.

“I would have a major problem if somebody said something like that,” he told reporters. “I think anybody that plays that position, you can’t help but empathize with Jay for that situation. You talk all the time about being connected, being a unit, believing in each other. But if you have unnamed sources, people out there cutting you down, and then you find out it’s the person calling the plays -- that would be really hard to deal with, to look at him the same way.”

Cutler’s performance on Monday against the New Orleans Saints would certainly suggest that he had started to tune out Kromer. He completed just 55 percent of his passes, throwing for just 194 yards and three interceptions against the second-worst defense in the NFL.

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