Rodgers Vs. Cheese: Which Is More Popular in Wisconsin?

The Green Bay Packers are beloved throughout their home state of Wisconsin, and the driving force behind that continued popularity is quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

The quarterback has led the Packers to a championship and helped them become one of the league’s best franchises. As a result, his popularity in Wisconsin is without rival.

Well, almost.

In a recent poll done by Public Policy Polling, 79 percent of Wisconsin residents had a favorable impression of Rodgers, with 15 percent saying they weren’t sure and a mere six percent said they didn’t like the quarterback. There was only one thing that bested the quarterback in terms of popularity: cheese. 80 percent of Wisconsin residents had a favorable viewpoint of the food.

With Rodgers vs. Cheese likely becoming a debate soon as to what should be the most popular thing in Wisconsin, it got us to thinking. In the city of Chicago, what is the LEAST popular thing? Bears quarterback Jay Cutler certainly would get a lot of seething disgust from fans of the team, but is he more despised than former governor Rod Blagojevich? How about toll roads or summer construction season? New York-style pizza is surely more hated than Cutler, right?

In order to explore our hypothesis further, we invite you to take our poll. What is your least favorite thing about Chicago?

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