Blago Asks Patti Out in Anniversary Email

Rod Blagojevich seems to know how to keep his marriage healthy even behind bars.

The convicted ex-governor sent his wife an anniversary email over the weekend from prison, and the former first lady wrote on Facebook the gift "is better than flowers."

Blagojevich, serving 14 years in a Colorado prison, called himself blessed to be married to Patti for 22 years and asked, "What are you doing next year on this day? Can I take you out?”

Blagojevich further quotes Robert Browning, implores his wife to "believe this will all turn out right in the end," promises to "make it up to you" and tells her the best times in his life were spent with her.

Here's the letter Patti Blagojevich posted to Facebook:

Dear Patti,
I love you. Twenty-two years ago today we were married. Along with the birth of our daughters, it was the happiest day of my life. What a blessing you gave me. I am sorry for you, though. Why did you ever say yes? Anyway, we must believe this will all turn out right in the end and then I'll make it up to you. I think it was Robert Browning who wrote," Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be." Speaking for me, most of the best memories I have in my life are with you in them. And it is the simple and quiet times shared with you that are among the best times for me.Thank you for all the good times together. I never really knew what it was to be happy and content until I began to walk through life with you. And we do have two precious daughters who I wouldn't trade for all the freedom and all the money in the world. You know, if you think about things as a whole and not just as a part, we really have been blessed in so many ways. I sure have. I have been blessed to be married to, and in love with, the best person I have ever known. I love you with all my heart. Love, Rod P.S. Hey by the way, what are you doing next year on this day? Can I take you out?

Blagojevich began serving his sentence in the Federal Correctional Institution Englewood, a low-security prison, on March 15. He was sentenced last year on corruption charges. He reportedly has been spending his time at the prison working as a dishwasher, reading letters and books, and bonding with his bunkmates.

After Patti visited Blagojevich in prison with the couple's daughters in March, she called the visiting room "one of the saddest places on Earth."

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