It's Eco Rock N Roll

Green Music Fest debuts in Chicago

We’ve been told to think green, shop green and live green, but this weekend’s Green Music Festival is finally telling us to rock ‘n’ roll for the sake of  “green.”

If you’re not prepared for cutting edge music and environmentally cultured West Siders, then stay away from Eckhart Park as the very first Green Music Fest plays its last set today. 

We know Lolla and Pitchfork have musically exhausted you this summer, but with headlining bands like Art Brut, tapes’n’tapes, Lucero and Murder by Death it’d be a mistake to miss out on this fresh-faced fest that aims at promoting green technology.

Subeterranean, the booking agency for Green Music Fest, considered bands that would help broaden the ideas of green living to a large target audience, booking agent Gomez said.

“We could have gone with a full lineup of hippy jam bands and let it mirror a version of a hemp fest or we could have looked strictly at bands that use recycled instruments or that travel on recycled oil,” Gomez said. "But we felt that would narror the scope of our audience and dilute the appeal of our message. The goal is to appeal to people who care about quality music in hopes that they will also absorb the message."

If it sounds like a big hippie fest, that’s because it kind of is.

So for the unhip energy wasters out there who haven’t yet joined the green bandwagon, Sunday from noon to 10 p.m. is your perfect excuse to hop on and enjoy the ride.

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