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Two Companies Donate New Air Conditioners To Robbins Library

Library had one unit stolen, another vandalized



    Two Companies Donate New Air Conditioners To Robbins Library
    The William Leonard Library in Robbins was vandalized last week.

    Two companies are stepping up to cool things off at the Robbins library that fell victim last week to robbery and vandalism.

    William Leonard Public Library director Priscilla Coatney said two companies have reached out to offer a helping hand in replacing the air conditioner unit stolen last week and a second unit that has been vandalized.

    The library’s commercial air conditioner was gutted in a robbery last week leaving the library, a community hub for Internet access, children summer programs and cooling center sweltering in the heat.

    Coatney said the day after reports of the air conditioner theft hit the media, Nicor service company DM Dykstra offered to donate a new unit.

    "We do a lot of heating and air conditioning work for homeowners in Robbins," DM Dykstra owner Richard Dykstra said in a phone statement. "We are happy we had an opportunity to give back."

    DM Dykstra has partnered with Carrier Comfort 24-7 to cover the cost of the new unit, installation, parts, and disposal of the vandalized unit. Dykstra said the new unit will be wired with an alarm to alert the library staff of potential theft or vandalism.

    Coatney said the library has faced dire financial restraints causing a burden to pay the deductible.

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    "This is the greatest blessing for the library. Now we won’t have to use our insurance," said Coatney. "We are very thankful."

    Dryker said he hopes the new unit will be installed as early as this weekend.

    Lending a helping hand didn’t stop there.

    GT Mechanical Projects and Design Inc. called to offer their services in replacing the reported stolen unit. Coatney said she told GT that another company had offered to donate a replacement, but their second unit was found to have been vandalized.

    Coatney said the second unit had four to five bullet holes.

    Pam Cruz of GT said the company’s owner heard about the reported theft and thought it would be a good idea to reach out to help the library. Cruz said they are working to repair or replace the second unit in the next couple of weeks.

    "We are happy we are able to help out a community in need," Cruz said.

    Coatney said she plans to host an appreciation party after the replacement units are installed.

    "There are more good people than bad. The response from the public has been amazing,' Coatney said.