Robbie Gould Kicked Record Breaker With Wrong Ball

League officials couldn't find proper balls at crucial moment

Considering the confusion surrounding the kick, it's surprising that Robbie Gould's franchise record and career long 58-yard field goal on Sunday even make it.

NFL sources tell NBC 5 that a league official couldn't find the bag of "K-balls" for kickers on the sidelines with 13 seconds left in the first half versus the Bengals.

Confusion also arose because the officials spotted the placement incorrectly before Gould nailed the kick -- using a regular game ball.

Some in football liken that to playing with a range ball in golf.

It's the league's fault, since officials keep the Kicker balls in a bag on the sidelines, only allowing a brief period of time before the game to "break" the balls in. The balls are then put back in the bags to be used in the game.

Gould's 58 yard kick is not only a career best for the nine-year pro out of Penn State, but also a Bears franchise record at windy Soldier Field.

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