Police Horses in Line for NATO/G8 Riot Gear

The riot gear bid includes leather nose guards, wrap-around visors and leg shields

G-8 and NATO summit protestors can expect to see Chicago police horses geared up.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration is seeking bids for riot gear for the department's mounted unit’s 30 horses. The list includes leather nose guards, clear wrap-around visors and leg shields, the Sun-Times reports
Melissa Stratton, a spokesperson for the Chicago Police Department, called the horses a great tool to control crowds and help officers do their jobs.
Mike Shields, the president of the Fraternal Order of Police, also felt the horses and officers’ safety are a priority. He told the paper the mounted unit’s “presence in a crowd has a major impact on minimizing escalating tensions in large groups."
Emanuel’s administration is ordering riot gear for officers. City Hall agreed to a $193, 461 emergency contract with Super Seer Corp. to buy more than 3,000 shields. They are designed to protect officers from objects that protestors could throw at their faces.
The G-8 and NATO summits will take place at McCormick Place between May 19 and 21.
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