Rideshare Drivers Demand Change After Fatal Shooting in Chicago

Rideshare drivers rallied across the country, including Chicago.

After the deadly shooting of an Uber driver last week in Chicago, his family and area rideshare drivers are demanding rideshare companies enforce stricter safety protocols.

Javier Ramos, 46, was gunned down in Chicago’s Lawndale neighborhood after fighting a carjacker. The gunman hasn’t been found, according to Chicago police.

On Friday, dozens of rideshare drivers gathered in front of Uber’s Hub building in Goose Island with signs and megaphones in hand.

Javier’s cousin, Hortencia Ramos, pleaded with Uber and Lyft to tighten safety measures to protect drivers.

The group, Independent Drivers Guild, suggested the companies provide video cameras to every driver and require passengers to take selfies before being picked up.

“Help my uncle, help my cousins have some closure,” said Ramos. “They are building their empire at the cost of what, another life?”

Among the crowd at the rally was an Army veteran who says he stopped driving for the rideshare companies after being held at gunpoint by a passenger last year.

“That was the last night that I drove for Lyft or Uber,” said Lamont Liner of Chicago.

In a statement, Uber explained that it is exploring new safety technology solutions in the app and is proactively working with Chicago police to aid in this investigation and others.

Lyft says it appreciates the Independent Drivers Guild’s proposals and will work with the drivers on these issues.

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