Richard Daley Looks Back on Wife's Death

Former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley knows it'll soon be a year since his wife passed away from breast cancer but said he still looks to her as a source of strength.

"We had 41 years -- 40 years of marriage and dating. We had a great marriage, great relations. It's really remarkable, and we think of this week, or every day, good things that happen," he said Wednesday during a sit-down interview with Ward Room's Mary Ann Ahern.

Maggie Daley died on Thanksgiving 2011 -- Nov. 24. -- after a nine-year battle with breast cancer.

Nearly a year later, Mr. Daley said remarked on his wife's selflessness and her determination to survive.

"When Kevin died, we looked at two and a half years of a struggle to live. He wanted to live. And so when Maggie got cancer, she wanted to live. She lived for nine years. It was amazing. It was a miracle. She did everything possible to be positive. [She tried] experimental drugs. Whatever happened, she wanted to help somebody else that would be inflicted with the disease," he said.

The Daley's son, Kevin Daley, passed away in the early 80s. He'd been diagnosed with Spina Bifida.

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