Rev. Jesse Jackson Hosts Reaffirmation Rally for JRW Championship

Jackson and other supporters are challenging the investigation into the JRW team's boundary violations that stripped them of their title

Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow/PUSH organization hosted a reaffirmation rally Saturday morning in support of the Jackie Robinson West Little League team following the stripping of their title by league officials Wednesday.

Jackson and other supporters of the South Side Little League team are challenging the investigation that found that the team violated boundary rules. At a press conference Wednesday, Jackson called for an investigation into all Little League teams that participated in the championship games.

Fr. Michael Pfleger, pastor of the St. Sabina Catholic Parish on the South Side, also attended the event and spoke in support of the team.

"They need to all be investigated across the U.S.A. if they are going to investigate JRW," Pfleger said. "These are not cheaters. These are our champions."

League officials stripped JRW of their national title earlier this week after it determined the team added top suburban players in violation of residency rules. The investigation was initially started by the coach of the Evergreen Little League team, who said he noticed that some JRW players were celebrating their victory in the suburbs.

At a press conference Thursday, an attorney representing the team said he is looking into the investigation to ensure that it was conducted fairly.

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