Retired Evanston Teacher Accused of Sexual Abuse By Hollywood Screenwriter Alum

Police say it is a complex case that will take months to investigate.

A Hollywood screenwriter who once attended Evanston Township High School has accused a former teacher of sexual abuse, prompting a police investigation and concern in the community.

The alleged victim posted on Facebook recently that he met with police in Evanston Thursday morning and plans to cooperate with an investigation into theformer teacher.

The teahcer retired in the '90s.

The screenwriter alumnus posted on social media:

"In high school, my acting teacher was a serial pedophile and abuser. He'd reach down our pants, touch the male genitals," the post reads. "For me, it was particularly confusing because I was one of his favorites and therefore by keeping my mouth shut and playing along i got good roles."

Evanston police say since the initial allegations were made they have gotten more than 50 calls from people with information including around 10 possible victims.

Jen Cvetas and other parents found out about the allegations in an email from the school district.

"[I'm] sad, disappointed--shocked that that could happen here at our own school," said Cvetas.

The email from the district acknowledged the accusations in part by saying:

"We are deeply sorry for the pain certain individuals may be experiencing as a result of these allegations..."

The alleged victim came forward after seeing the sexual harassment claims made against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

Police say it is a complex case that will take months to investigate.

NBC 5 was not able to contact the accused former teacher.

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