Cop, ER Doctor Testify in Tanning Salon Owner's Rape Trial

Day two of the Chicago tanning salon owner and alleged serial rapist's trial was underway Tuesday, with more sordid details coming out in the courtroom.

Much of the testimony focused on what police and doctors who encountered the victim observed the night she says she was raped.

Marc Winner is accused of raping at least eight women over the course of several years.

In courtroom recordings one victim, a former employee of winner’s identified only as JB, testified on Monday that her former boss gave her cocaine before attacking her.

“I immediately knew I was in trouble,” she said at the time.

Prosecutors questioned Tuesday both a responding officer and an emergency room physician. Both testified that she appeared alert and responsive.

The officer said he remembered the victim jumping into the back of his squad car:

“JB was very distressed, crying and very upset,” Officer William Colon said. "She said 'I was raped.'"

Yet, when cross-examined by prosecutors the ER physician testified that there was no bruising when JB was examined. No scrapes, bite marks, abrasions or lacerations.

A criminal sexual assault kit was administered and swabs were taken of the victim’s genitalia and where she alleges she was bitten by Winner.

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