Residents Wave White Flag at Constant Snowfall

Reports from Gurnee had the snowfall in the 16" to 18" range

This season's early blast of winter has left many people in the Chicago area waving the white flag of surrender.

Several inches of snow blanketed cars and made for a miserable morning commute Thursday.

"We got a lot more than I thought we were going to get. It's a little heavy and it's making travel a little complicated, but it's OK," said Ukranian Village resident Jordan Nowotny, who needed an extra push to get out of his street parking spot.

The city's 300-plus snow fighting vehicles were out on the streets, but were concentrating on the main roads first before hitting the side streets. Olga Zavgrodnya needed her mother's help shoveling out a space so she had somewhere to park on her street.

"I have no idea why they haven't even plowed it once just together rid of some of this crazy bulk, but I get it. They are going to bury the cars if they do. You gotta do what you can," Zavgrodnya said.

But the frustration is starting to build after three straight days of snow.

"It's terrible to drive in, and shoveling, and getting where you got to go, and your shoes are getting wet, and your socks are getting wet, and it's all dirty, and it looks terrible to," Stephanie Gargiullo said.

"I hate the snow. Too much at one time. The traffic stinks, now I gotta go home and do my snow," Tom Saintpaul said.

North suburban Libertyville was among the hardest hit by Thursday's snowfall, with 14.1 inches reported at 3 p.m. Reports from Gurnee had the snowfall in the 16" to 18" range.

Resident Nick Tucci is so tired of the snow, he decided to use his company's plow truck instead of a shovel to clear it.

"I'm done with shoveling, but I like the winter," Tucci said.

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