Residents Report Lion Sightings in Milwaukee

Milwaukee police have reportedly received multiple reports of what callers believe to be a lion roaming the streets of Milwaukee.

The first report came in around 4 p.m. Monday when someone said they saw a lion in the city’s Bewer’s Hill neighborhood, but police did not find anything after several hours of searching, according to NBC affiliate WTMJ.

Cynthia Wilborn captured video of what appeared to be a large cat roaming around her neighbor's yard. 

Wilborn told WTMJ her mother was on the deck when she first saw the animal.

“I come rushing down, she said ‘Get your camera,’” Wilborn said. “I said, ‘What’s wrong?’ She said ‘There’s a lion in the next yard.’”

The pair said they watched the animal for a few seconds.

Kelly Brooks, Wilborn's neighbor, said he later found a possible paw print in his yard. 

Brooks said the Department of Natural Resources couldn't tell him where the animal came from. The Milwaukee County Zoo said none of their lions are missing.

“I think it’s pretty scary,” Wilborn said. “I think it’s a cause for concern.” 

Authorities are investigating other reported sightings.

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