Fox River

Rescuers Search Water After Reports a Man Jumped Into Fox River While Fleeing Restaurant Tab

Rescue crews are set to resume a search in the Fox River Friday morning after witnesses reported a man fled from a local restaurant without paying his bill and jumped into the water, police said. 

Rescuers searched for hours overnight after police responded to a report of a theft from Nero’s Restaurant, at 300 Eastgate Ct., just before 9:30 p.m. The restaurant reported a man fled without paying his tab and witnesses told authorities he ran towards the river and jumped into the water.

Friday’s search, slated to begin at 7 a.m., will be centered on the north and south sides of the Route 62 bridge, authorities said.

The man’s identity had not been released as of Friday morning, but authorities said he was described as being about 6 feet tall with dark complexion and short hair. The man may have been wearing a blue Cubs shirt at the time and dark pants, police said.

Authorities believe the man jumped into the water at the dam in a dangerous area known as a boil, where water spins and makes swimming difficult.

Earlier attempts at locating the man were hindered by muddy water making visibility difficult, officials said.

Authorities are also considering the possibility the man jumped into the water and then got out.

Anyone with information on the man is being asked to contact Algonquin police.

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