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Report: Sanders Receives Most Facebook Likes in Illinois, Chicago

According to the study, the Vermont senator holds double-digit leads over all other presidential hopefuls

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If the race for president was decided by the number of Facebook likes candidates have garnered from each state, it appears Bernie Sanders would win the race in Illinois. 

Sanders received 32 percent of Facebook likes in Illinois and 47 percent of Facebook likes in Chicago, according to an analysis by FiveThirtyEight.

The analysis was based on Facebook data showing the number of likes candidates received on their verified pages. 

The report revealed Sanders won every Chicago zip code, but one. The Democractic candidate received an impressive amount of likes in zip codes that are home to a university and also received 69 percent of likes in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood.

The study notes, however, that Facebook likes may not be a representative sample of the country. According to 2014 data from the Pew Research Center, only 58 percent of American adults use Facebook. 

Sanders’ closest competitor in Illinois was Donald Trump, who received 22 percent of likes. Ben Carson received 20 percent of likes and Hillary Clinton receive 10 percent of likes.

Clinton ranked second for Chicago Facebook likes in Chicago, receiving 19 percent. Trump received 15 percent of Chicago’s likes while Ben Carson received 9 percent.

Ted Cruz received 9 percent of the state’s likes and 4 percent of the city’s likes. Marco Rubio had comparable numbers, receiving 7 percent of the state’s likes and 4 percent of the city’s likes.

Jeb Bush received 1 percent of likes in Illinois and Chicago while John Kasich received less than 1 percent of likes in both the state and city.

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