Report Reveals ZIP Codes With Highest and Lowest Incomes in Illinois

A report released Tuesday revealed the ZIP codes across Illinois that have the highest and lowest median household incomes., a website that catalogs demographic information about every ZIP code across the country, released its ranking based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Coming in at the top statewide was 60045 in north suburban Lake Forest, up from fifth the previous year, with a median household income of $176,108.

Right behind was Winnetka's 60093 at $173,919 and west suburban Hinsdale came in third at $166,936 across the 60521 ZIP code. Rounding out the top five were 60558 in Western Springs at $150,880 and 60091 in Wilmette at $148,462.

The ZIP code with the lowest median household income in the state was in Decatur, according to the website, which said the 62523 ZIP code in central Illinois had a median household income of $11,091.

The ZIP codes with the second, third and fourth lowest incomes were all in East St. Louis, the report said, with 62201, 62207 and 62204 ranging from $15,089 to as high as $17,180.

ZIP codes in Chicago appeared on both the highest and lowest median income lists, with 60601 at 24th highest in the state at $110,215. On the converse, 60621 ranked fifth lowest, with a median income of $19845, the report said.

The median household income across the state was $62,992, according to the site, which said it had risen 3.3% from $60,960 the year before.

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