Report: Jackson Jr. Hires Attorney Webb

In yet another sign that the proverbial shoe is about to drop for Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., Reuters reports that the embattled South Side pol has hired famed attorney Dan Webb to help him negotiate a plea deal.

What exactly Jackson Jr., 47, would plead to remains a mystery. NBC Chicago has not confirmed Webb's hire, nor any of the details from the Reuter's report. 

Some reports say that Jackson Jr. has been under federal investigation for allegedly misusing campaign funds. There's also a lingering connection to Rod Blagojevich's scheme to sell Barack Obama's senate seat. 

The Reuter's report, citing other local news outlets, says Jackson Jr. may have to serve jail time under the terms of a deal. 

Jackson Jr. disappeared from public view in June to seek mental health treatment ultimately at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. 

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