Report: Grand Jury Investigation Into Alleged Kane Case Postponed

A grand jury investigation into the reported allegations of assault allegedly involving Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane was postponed Tuesday, according to multiple reports.

Earlier reports indicated a woman who was with the alleged victim was subpoenaed to appear before the grand jury Tuesday, but the Buffalo News, citing multiple sources with knowledge of the case, reports that potential "settlement talks" delayed the investigation. 

WGRZ, an NBC affiliate in Buffalo, New York, also reported the grand jury case was postponed but reported a source said there have been no settlement talks between attorneys on either side. 

Last week, former Erie County District Attorney Frank Clark told WGRZ it appeared an Erie County grand jury would decide “whether or not Patrick Kane is guilty of any criminal conduct.” He also noted Kane could be asked to appear before the grand jury “if he wants to.”

Kane has not been charged with any crime.

Several media outlets in Buffalo have reported that a woman accused Kane of assaulting her at his home last month, but the Hamburg Police Department will only confirm that they are investigating an alleged incident at Kane's home.

The Erie County District Attorney’s office declined NBC Chicago’s request for comment on news of the subpeona, but the Buffalo News had previously reported that sources said investigators with the district attorney’s office met with Kane as part of the investigation.

Separately, the DA's office also told NBC Chicago they have no comment about the grand jury being postponed. Kane’s attorney also declined to comment to NBC Chicago on the subpoena or any potential settlement talks.

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