Rep. Nekritz Announces She Will Not Run for Attorney General

State Representative Elaine Nekritz, who will not be seeking re-election to the legislature, won't be running for Attorney General either, she announced on Sunday night. 

Nekritz, who announced in July that she would not be running to keep her seat in 2018, said that she reached the decision while celebrating Rosh Hashanah with her family. 

"I have decided not to run for the Democratic nomination for Attorney General," she said in a note posted to Facebook. "We determined that this is not the right time in our lives to expend the energy required to serve as a statewide candidate and constitutional officer." 

Nekritz's decision comes after Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced that she would not be running for re-election next year. Her decision set off a stampede of candidates entering the race, but Rep. Nekritz won't be one of them. 

Several Democrats, including State Rep. Scott Drury and State Sen. Kwame Raoul have both jumped into the race, while Republican Erika Harold has remained in the race since announcing her candidacy earlier this year. 

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