Rep. Danny Davis Endorses Andrea Zopp for Senate

U.S. Representative Danny Davis endorsed Andrea Zopp for the U.S. Senate in Illinois today, citing her experience in the public and private sectors as a motivating factor for his choice in the upcoming race against Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-8th) to unseat incumbent Republican Sen. Mark Kirk.

"She has the skill and ability to get in there with all of the individual opinions and negotiate skillfully for our problems," said Davis in a statement. "Out of all the candidates running in this race, the one who can best represent what I believe are the most important issues we face is Andrea Zopp.”

Zopp is the former President and CEO of the Urban League and has served on the Chicago Public Schools Board. In recent weeks, she has been painting herself as an outsider and underdog, saying in ads that despite all she's done, "you've never heard of her."

Zopp and Duckworth, an Iraq War veteran who became disabled when her helicopter was shot down overseas, will face off in the Democratic primary in March.

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