Reese's Whips Up Thanksgiving Pie – Its Largest Peanut Butter Cup Ever

The pie isn't available in stores, but only sold online at the Hershey's store.

The Hershey Company

Ahead of Thanksgiving this year, Reese's is putting a twist on pie, a quintessential American dessert, and it's one that may make peanut butter and chocolate lovers rejoice.

Reese's parent company, Hershey, has unveiled a new pie of sorts - what's actually a super-sized, 9-inch peanut butter cup. The new holiday treat only includes two ingredients - ones you may expect - chocolate and peanut butter.

A whopping 3.25 pounds, the Reese's Thanksgiving Pie packs more chocolate and peanut butter inside a single cup than ever before, according to a news release.

The pie isn't sold in stores, but only available online at the Hershey's store. The interest appears to be so great that the delectable dessert sold out less than five hours after it was announced.

For those hoping to get their hands on the one-of-a-kind treat - you may want to keep your eye on the website since only 3,000 pies will be sold.

Each pie costs $44.99 plus tax.

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