Do You Need to Re-Brand Your Business?

Gavin Rice, Flickr

Thinking of re-branding your business? If you were to believe the television show “Restaurant Impossible” all you need is to slap some on new paint, add some cheap flooring and new signage, and revamp the menu.

But a lot more goes into re-branding a business. If you can start over again from scratch, that’s great, but most small business owners can’t afford it.

Before you start, avoid the pitfalls of: 
1. Clinging to history.
2. Thinking the brand is limited to the logo, stationery and corporate colors.
3. Navigating without a plan.
4. Assuming it costs too much.
5. Bypassing the basics.
Keep in mind - not all re-branding works. Remember New Coke and Crystal Pepsi?
What you should to is include your employees. They know how the company looks on the outside, and may even add valued customers, so you can receive external input.
Next up is reviewing the way the company operates, to ensure that internal processes and procedures are appropriate with the new brand messaging, or if they need to be altered. Then roll out the new brand and include everyone, since rebranding isn't just a marketing function, but a company-wide endeavor.
Then keep it going. Maintaining brand integrity within the company should bring new customers, which is the reason for rebranding in the first place. 
For more information on how to re-brand, check out this OpenForum article and take a look at companies that did it right – like McDonald’s, UPS, and Old Spice - on BusinessInsider. And here’s a look at some surprising re-branded companies.
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