Chicago Skyline Ranks Among Best in the World: Report

Chicago ranked second for best skyline by USA TODAY readers for the “Best International Skyline.”

Chicago’s skyline has been named among the best skylines in the world, according to a new report. 

The Windy City skyline ranked second in USA TODAY’s 2016 Readers’ Choice contest for “Best International Skyline.”

The contest featured 20 skyline nominations by a panel of practicing architects, and readers were given four weeks to vote on their favorite. 

The top skyline voted on was Dallas, with Chicago closely following.  

“Chicago exudes the modern American spirit of a city destroyed by fire and rebuilt into a hotbed of progressive architecture," expert James Adams said in a statement. "A wealth of iconic skyscrapers that are timeless in their design make this skyline one of the best to gaze upon."  

Architect Joyce Owens also noted the cityscape has a "renowned mix" of modern skyscrapers and early high-rise buildings.

Other cities that made the list include Rio de Janeiro, Toronto, New York, Washington, D.C., St. Louis, Hong Kong, San Francisco and Seattle.  

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