Rauner to Send Dead Fish to Emanuel: ‘I Think He'll Deeply Appreciate That'

The fight between Governor Bruce Rauner and Mayor Rahm Emanuel, besties in real life – is taking on the life of a new reality show: Chicago vs. Springfield.

Governor Rauner with cameras rolling went to the Paulina Market to stage Round Two. Hours earlier Emanuel told reporters Rauner should “stop name calling and just do your job.” That was in response to the governor questioning the mayor’s reform credentials after spearheading the largest property tax hike ever for Chicago residents.

Emanuel said earlier in the week “it’s a very strange economic strategy to try and hurt your economic engine” when referring to the governor stalling on signing off on a measure for Chicago police and fire pensions.

On Fiday, Rauner purchased a piece of tuna so that he can “send some dead fish to the mayor. I think he’ll deeply appreciate that.”

In reality everyone knows this public fight is all for show. The two have been close friends for more than 20 years with Rauner advising Emanuel in the investment banking business, leading to helping make Emanuel a millionaire.

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