Rauner Signs Bill Allowing Clerk to Take on Election Commission Duties

DuPage election officials lugged the data back to the office after a series of errors delayed the counting and reporting of results back in March of this year.

On the ballot: a referendum calling for the county clerk to take over election commission’s duties.

Monday, at the same office building, Gov. Bruce Rauner signed into law a bill allowing that to happen.

"This is another bill that helps alleviate the tax burden on our homeowners and property tax payers," she said.

The change, which had been under consideration before the election, will transfer responsibility for collecting and counting votes over to DuPage County Clerk Paul Hinds.

"Out of the 102 counties, a hundred counties, the county clerk actually does it. we have zone meetings where we meet with our fellow clerks and we talk about elections and everything else," Hinds said.

The change, which is expected to save about $300,000 is the first in what some legislators are hoping will be many examples of streamlining Illinois’ government.

"We are shifting expectations in illinois," said DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin. "We are setting the standards for responsible, effective government. One that adapts and innovates the delivery of its services on behalf of the people it serves."

A census of governments found that the state has more units of government than any other state on the country, almost 7,000, 1,800 more than its nearest competitor: Texas. More even than more populous california.

"Today's signing is another in a long, slow, difficult process at reducing the size and scope of Illinois government," said Rep. Peter Breen of the 48th District.

The transition comes at a time when elections themselves are under greater scrutiny and election processes are under attack from foreign powers. Is this office ready? Hinds says he is.

"The system that we use now, we need to look at it: cyber security and everything else," Hinds said. "That’s a big issue: secure elections. Part of that is our people getting into our records."

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