Rauner Releases 2013 Tax Returns

Republican candidate for Illinois governor Bruce Rauner released his 2013 income taxes late Friday afternoon.

The release reveals Rauner made more than $60 million and paid more than $17 million in state and federal taxes. He also gave more than $5 million to charity.

“I’m nobody that nobody sent and independent of the special interests,” Rauner said in a statement Friday. “Unlike Pat Quinn, who put self-dealing and cronyism ahead of the people, I’ll put the people first and end decades of corruption in state government.”

For months, Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn's campaign has called on Rauner to release his 2013 returns and more information about prior years as the two face off in a highly competitive race.

“Mr. Rauner's disclosure is wholly insufficient and raises more questions than answers. What are his sources of income? What loopholes is he jumping through? Does he have any conflicts of interest in his finances? The voters don't know because Mr. Rauner is hiding this information from them," Quinn's campaign said in a statement. “What we do know is this: Bruce Rauner took in $30,000 an hour last year while he sought to lower the minimum wage and he certainly can't be trusted to look out for Illinois' working families.”

Rauner Spokesman Mike Schrimpf said earlier this year that Rauner received a six-month extension of the April 15 filing deadline and that the results would be released before the Nov. 4 election.

Schrimpf called the Quinn campaign's calls "nothing but a political stunt." He says Rauner pro-actively released three years of returns.

Quinn's 2013 returns show he made about $161,000 last year. Rauner's 2012 returns show the Winnetka businessman made $53 million that year.

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