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Alleged Terrorist: Attackers Deserved Medals



    Alleged Terrorist: Attackers Deserved Medals

    Tahawuur Rana praised the terrorists responsible for the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, saying they should be given Pakistan’s highest military honor.

    That's according to transcripts of conversations between Rana and David Headley, read aloud Wednesday in federal court.

    "They should be really commended," Rana reportedly said.  "I appreciate them from my heart."

    The testimony comes as the state’s star witness against Rana wraps up three days of testimony.

    Headley also explained how his Islamist group, Lashkar e-Taiba, chose its targets in India.

    The Taj hotel was chosen, Headley said, because of its high profile and because defense contractors often met in the conference rooms on the second floor.

    The Chabad House was chosen as retaliation for an Israeli attack on Palestinian territory.

    The group had also considered the Indian National Defense college in Delhi because it would have killed more high-ranking soldiers than had been killed so far in the conflict in Kashmir.

    Also Wednesday, the government unsealed a number of documents including its outline for the case and the defense’s response.

    His attorneys call the case against him little more than evidence of his friendship and business relationship with admitted terrorist David Headley.

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