Ralph Lauren Knockoff Site Uses the N-Word

Company gets criticized on social media after customers mistakenly believe it was official merchandise

Ralph Lauren caught some misguided flak on social media recently because of a colorful product description that appeared to be listed on its web site.

The offending item: A black model is shown wearing the Argentinean polo shirt with the color described as "N-- Brown Red" at Ralph-Lauren.us.com

Only it wasn't. 

The company says its is a fraudulent web site. Ralph Lauren's actual web site is the un-hyphenated RalphLauren.com, and the company claims that Ralph-Lauren.us.com has been causing them problems.  

A Ralph Lauren spokesman told NBC 5 that someone set up the web site under a Chinese domain and sold the goods using the derogatory descriptions.

The spokesman says the company's trademark enforcement team is attempting to have the site closed, and customers reaching out to Ralph Lauren's call center are being told that they are not affiliated with the web site.

Ralph Lauren couldn't determine when they'd be able to get the site taken down. The web site administrator appears to have removed the offensive word from the site, but not before NBC 5 and several people on social media took screen shots.

The web site uses the Ralph Lauren logo, and offers a wide range of men's and women's clothing and accessories at prices considerably lower than what you'd pay for legitimate Ralph Lauren merchandise.

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