Rain Persists, Flood Advisory Issued

Showers taper off by the afternoon then start up again throughout a much warmer weekend

NBC 5 News

Rain continues Thursday morning, delaying airport travel by about 30 minutes after nasty weather canceled 800 flights out of Chicago on Wednesday. 

Showers are expected to taper off by the afternoon, according to NBC Chicago's Andy Avalos, but flood advisories stand for the Des Plaines, Illinois and Iroquois rivers, as well as parts of the DuPage River. Travelers catching a plane should call the airport for estimated departure and arrival times.

Overcast skies and unseasonably chilly temps persist all day, ranging from upper 40s near the lake to mid-50s inland and growing cooler with wind gusts of up to 35 mph. Lows of 50 also are expected Friday.

Keep your umbrella close by through the weekend. Scattered thunderstorms could pop up as temperatures rise for Memorial Day.

The warm spurt begins with highs of 70 on Saturday, and then jumps to mid-80s on Sunday and 85-90 on Monday.

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