Rahm Wants Super Bowl In Chicago

Rahm Emanuel and Roger Goodell discussed the possibility of bringing the Super Bowl to Soldier Field.

Rahm Emanuel told the commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell, Thursday, that Chicago should host a Super Bowl. Maybe in 2016 ...

Goodell was in town to honor Soldier Field as the only NFL LEED stadium. Emanuel used the opportunity to twist his arm.

"I just found out that the commissioner's in-laws ive in the area," Emanuel said. "And I'm holding them hostage until that happens."

Emanuel met privately with Goodell Thursday to pitch the field as a site for a future Super Bowl. He said the city’s handling of the NATO Summit shows it’s ready to take the stage in the annual football showdown.

"We talked about 'Why Chicago?' " the mayor added. "Two weeks ago, had a bunch of world leaders here, sixth largest NATO summit, and if we can do that, it would be an appropriate place to have a Super Bowl.”
Goodell reportedly voiced concerns with the capacity of 63,000-seat stadium, but said the issue could be discussed at a later date. 
Though Chicago’s snow and winter winds have previously been a concern with the open stadium, the NFL’s first outdoor Super Bowl is scheduled in the chilly city of New York for 2014.
"We think it's going to be a great thing for our fans and a great thing for New York," said Goodell. "And I think that if we can do it successfully there, I think that opens up the doors that we'll all be looking at." 
Chicago might not be the host for the 2016 Olympics, but the 2016 Super Bowl may give the city its chance to shine.
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