Rahm vs. Quigley

A contrast in styles

"You may find that I and the congressman have different styles," Mike Quigley said upon being sworn in to take Rahm Emanuel's old congressional seat. Let us count the ways.


EMANUEL: Keeps a crossbow in his office.

QUIGLEY:  Keeps a crossing guard uniform in his office.


EMANUEL:  Uses middle finger for vulgar gestures.

QUIGLEY:  Uses middle finger to turn the pages on 300-page policy books.


EMANUEL:  Has brother who is a famous Hollywood agent.

QUIGLEY:  Has brother who watches Entourage.


EMANUEL:  Plays hardball.

QUIGLEY: Plays hockey.


EMANUEL: Known for his green thumb.

QUIGLEY: Known for his green outlook.


EMANUEL: Said to have been the inspiration behind the Josh Lyman character on West Wing.

QUIGLEY: Bears a resemblance to one of the camera guys on West Wing.


Steve Rhodes is the proprietor of The Beachwood Reporter. He owns the first season of West Wing but has never seen Entourage.

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