Rahm to Appear on “Tonight Show” After Polar Plunge Bet

Emanuel is set to appear as a guest on the show June 3

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is holding up his end of a bargain.

After telling Jimmy Fallon he would appear on “The Tonight Show” if the late-night talk show host took part in Chicago’s Polar Plunge, Emanuel has finally set a date.

Emanuel is set to appear as a guest on the show June 3, his office and organizers of "The Tonight Show" confirmed.

The Chicago mayor made what turned out to be a fruitful arrangement with funny man Fallon as the two helped break a Polar Plunge record earlier this year, raising $1 million for Special Olympics Chicago.

It all started when Fallon openly expressed his desire to have Emanuel on the show.

"All he has to do is make a phone call," Fallon said. "He can host if he wants to. I'm scared of that guy."

The mayor agreed to do it if Fallon took part in the Polar Plunge. The twitterverse got involved, egging Fallon on with the hashtag #JimmyPlungeWithUs, and the comedian finally confirmed he'd take part.

Fallon charged the icy waters wearing his suit and tie alongside Emanuel, and came out looking cold and shocked.

Whether the mayor’s appearance on the show will bring a similar reaction, we’ll have to wait and see.

For a look back at some of Emanuel's previous late-night appearances, check out his interview with David Letterman.

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