Rahm Talks Syria, Chicago With David Letterman

Mayor appears on "Late Show"

Mayor Rahm Emanuel enjoyed a bit of the late night spotlight Monday night with an appearance on "The Late Show With David Letterman."

It was Emanuel's first appearance on the show, although he has been a victim of Letterman's Top 10 lists in the past.

Letterman asked Emanuel about the challenge of replacing the Daley political dynasty.

"It's time for a new chapter, it's time for some new changes," Emanuel said. "Both Richard Daley and his father have done great things for the city, but it's time to get the city moving and on to a new chapter."

Emanuel called being mayor the "best job I've ever had in public life," and confirmed he'll run for another term.

As for beyond that?

"I was thinking about this late night talk show thing," Rahm quipped.

Emanuel also provided some insight on what might be going on behind the scenes as President Barack Obama considers a military strike against Syria.

"This is not an easy choice. People forget this, like when he did the auto industry bailout, which is now stabilized and America's auto industry's back, it was unpopular by like 80 percent. That's what goes into the Oval Office, he know the country is not behind him, but he knows what he thinks is right, and that's what a chief of staff needs to help a president navigate an unpopular set of politics that is in the national best interest, and I think the Congress of the United States should make sure America stands tall in this moment," Emanuel said.

Emanuel was also promoting a Discovery Channel documentary on the living White House Chiefs of Staffs which will air Sept. 11 and 12.

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