Rahm Emanuel

Rahm's Former Rivals Split on Mayoral Endorsement

They ran against him four years ago and now Mayor Rahm Emanuel's former rivals are split when it comes to who they will endorse.

Gery Chico is endorsing Emanuel. Miguel del Valle, however, is choosing Jesus "Chuy" Garcia.

In 2010, Chico, a former key staffer in Mayor Daley's administration, attacked Emanuel for his plan to tax services calling it the "Rahm tax." Chico won 10 of the city's 50 wards but not enough to take the contest to a runoff.

On Sunday, Chico attended a "Latinos for Rahm" endorsement event. Dozens of Latino elected officials, business leaders and community leaders were also at the event, including Congressman Luis Gutierrez.

Del Valle will make his endorsement for Garcia in front of one of the 50 schools closed by the Emanuel administation. He served as Chicago's city clerk as well as a state senator.

Just how many candidates for mayor will be on the Feb. 24 ballot will be the focus Monday when hearings continue at the Chicago Board of Elections.

Dr. Willie Wilson, who filed more than 45,000 signatures, faces a petition challenge Monday. Wilson, a newcomer to politics, is a multi-millionaire who has moved into the city from the suburbs to challenge Emanuel.

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