Rahm Insults Crowd Member at Inauguration With Quote From Bill Clinton

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel started off his inauguration speech Monday with a slight jab at an enthusiastic audience member, and he did it by using a quote from former President Bill Clinton.

Just as Emanuel was about to speak, a person in the crowd could be heard shouting "Greatest city in the world" and cheering loudly. 

Emanuel smiled and began by saying, "I want to say one thing to you."

The audience member continued to shout as the crowd laughed in preparation for what Emanuel was about to say.

"President Clinton said, 'You have a limited vocabulary but a lot of energy,'" Emanuel said. 

The slight insult was met with laughter from the crowd as Emanuel then went on to talk about some of the many issues the city faces in his second term as mayor, including education and mounting pension and financial crises.  

Emanuel, alongside 50 city aldermen and citywide elected officials, was sworn into office during a scaled-back inauguration ceremony at the Chicago Theatre Monday morning. Clinton was among some of the special guests attending the event. 

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