Rahm: ‘Don’t Get Me Started on What I Think of the French’

When Rahm Emanuel wants to rant, he'll rant. But when it comes to the French, the Chicago mayor is biting his tongue... well, sort of.

Recent reports revealed a warning to citizens of France on areas to avoid during travels to the United States, including parts of Chicago.

The warning was highlighted on the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, and suggested visitors "evite el West Side et le sud de la ville apres la 59eme rue," or "avoid the West Side and the south of the city after 59th Street."

When asked about his reactions France's warning, Emanuel simply said, "Don't get me started on the French."

In August, Rahm Emanuel announced that Chicago tourism has reached record-breaking numbers.

Emanuel said that hotel revenue for the city has exceeded the $1 billion record, marking an 8.4 percent increase from the same time last year.

Emanuel also said the city’s hotel occupancy for the first seven months of 2013 tied record numbers set in 2008, with 73.6 percent of hotels occupied.

But Chicago's violence continues to draw national, and apparently global, spotlight.

At least 15 people were injured overnight Sunday and 18 people were wounded in weekend shootings across Chicago.

Chicago Police, however, maintain that the city's violence is getting better, noting that every category of crime, including murder, is down this year.

Chicago wasn't the only city that made the warning list, however.

Parts of Boston, New York, Washington, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Houston, Saint Louis, New Orleans, Atlanta and Los Angeles were also included.

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