Rahm and Rauner Go to Washington

The Illinois politicians and pals embark on separate business trips.

They might not always see eye to eye (see: the minimum wage), but Rahm Emanuel and Bruce Rauner go way back to the days when the Chicago Mayor temporarily left public service to reap millions as an I-banker.

This week, the two "R's" head to Washington for separate photo-ops: Republican Gov.-Elect Rauner is one of five incoming state CEOs slated to meet with President Obama on Friday.

They'll discuss "how we can build on our growing economy by creating more jobs and ensuring that every American who works hard has an opportunity to succeed," said White House spokesman Josh Earnest.

(It will be interesting to see how Rauner and Obama interact; POTUS and FLOTUS campaigned hard for Gov. Pat Quinn ahead of Illinois' midterm elections. Quinn's loss was another big blow to Democrats, especially in Obama's home state.)

As for Emanuel, he was in our nation's capitol on Wednesday for a JPMorgan Chase-sponsored, American city-focused Politico summit called "What Works," where he'll catch up with JPMorgan boss and benefactor Jamie Dimon.

Afterward, reports the Sun-Times' Lynn Sweet, the mayor will spend Thursday chatting up various cabinet secretaries and could pay a visit to the White House, his former workplace, where he served as Obama's chief of staff before running for Chicago's highest office.

Earlier this year, Politico held a "What Works" event in Chicago, where Emanuel addressed his Clintonian worldview. Wednesday in DC, he's joined as a speaker by the city's Chief Information Officer Brenna Berman. 

No word on whether Rahm and Rauner will cross paths.

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