Lipinski Faces Toughest Re-Election Fight Yet From Newman

It's a battle in the 3rd District Congressional Democratic contest.

Rep. Dan Lipinski discovered Friday he's in his toughest re-election fight ever. Challenger Marie Newman is counting on the progressive support to unseat the seven-term congressman who represents the city's southwest side and south suburbs.

Rep. Lipinski is not one to seek attention, he's always had a low profile. But his race has become the one the national media is watching closely -- as a conservative Democrat -- can he hang on?

Lipinski defended his record as the only Illinois Democrat to vote no for Obamacare.

"That was the right vote, because I think we've seen over the past eight years that Obamacare has not worked the way it was promised to work," he said.

Lipinski--who took over the 3rd District from his father, Rep. Bill Lipinski--is facing his toughest challenge in years from newcomer Newman.

"He couldn't even tell what he has passed through the House in 13 years," Newman said. "I think that's very telling when you have no record and no results."

A mailer sent by a super PAC supported Lipinski with former President Barack Obama's image, when Lipinski often voted against Obama's policies--from health care to immigration rights.

"What it's showing is that Ms. Newman is misleading the voters about her record," Lipinski said.

But Newman says Lipinski is desperate and using "Madigan-style" tactics.

Newman has received Sen. Bernie Sanders's support, who leads the progressive movement--sees Lipinski as out of step with the Democratic party, he argues there's room more conservative views as well.

"This district is about working families, health care for all and protecting everybody's rights and immigration rights," Newman said.

Lipinski said he's been able to deliver for the district and get things done.

"If you return me to Washington, I'll continue to do those things," he said.

Of course the results in this race will depend on how many actually vote. For Newman to win, she will need a big turnout.

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