R. Kelly Plans Book, Album This Month

Chicago R&B star owes IRS more than $5 million

What do you do when you owe the IRS several million dollars? Make more money.

That seems to be R. Kelly's strategy, with two major projects planned for this month.

Kelly is dropping a memoir called "Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me," on June 28, and a new album, "Write Me Back," on June 26th.

The Chicago R&B crooner has a lot banking on both projects being successful. According to county documents, Kelly owes the IRS nearly $5 million in unpaid taxes going back to 2005, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. Kelly paid $2.6 million in back taxes in 2008 and more than $1 million last year.

It's not the first sign of money troubles for Kelly. Last year, his 20,000-square-foot mansion in Olympia Fields went into foreclosure, and J.P. Morgan Chase Bank claimed he owed more than $2.9 million on the home.

Kelly plans a Today Show appearance and a Chicago book signing on July 14th but doesn't plan to tour until the fall, according to the Sun-Times.

According to the book description, Kelly's memoir "shares his life story through episodic tales and exclusive color photographs, exploring his meteoric rises and sudden falls."

The album is a throwback follow-up to Kelly's 2010 nostalgic release, "The Love Letter."

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