Quinn Vetoes Campaign Finance Reform Bill

Quinn vetoes a finance reform bill after leads can't agree

Gov. Quinn vetoed Thursed a campaign finance reform that he previously supported.

All four state legislative leaders – including those leaders who initially passed the bill – joined in Quinn’s decision. Those who changed their votes say they did so because they’ve realized the bill is flawed and “could be improved,” the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

“When I testified for the bill, along with the support of the attorney general, I thought it was a god first step. I said it was not a perfect bill,” Quinn said.

Quinn neglected to exercise his ability to change the bill by amendatory veto, opting instead to defer all decision on the bill until the veto session in October. As of right now, no agreement has been reached that all leaders can peaceably agree on.

The bill as it stands is too watered down, many critics say. It restricts unions but does not limit the power of legislative leaders to give money to candidates.

“There was tremendous pressure on the governor to sign a bill that would have maintained the status quo or made it worse,” said state Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno. “I applaud him for not succumbing to that pressure.”

Quinn is also getting applauded for agreeing to a redo rather than passing a sub-par bill.

“We’ve heard from many, many people in Illinois – individuals, groups, newspapers – indicating there are areas [the bill] can be improved upon,” Quinn said.

“I like to listen to people.”

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