Quinn to Madigan, Cullerton: Do Your Jobs

"The idea that they don't do their job is not one that we believe in in Illinois," said governor

Gov. Pat Quinn says he has spoken with House Speaker Michael Madigan and they plan to sit down Monday to discuss how to fix Illinois' $97 billion pension crisis.

Quinn has been trying to meet with Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton since the Legislature adjourned last Friday without a pension deal.

"They can do this. That's what they're elected to do. The idea that they don't do their job is not one that we believe in in Illinois," he said after a street dedication ceremony for Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, an Illinois native.

Madigan didn't attend a meeting the governor called Tuesday. But Quinn said Madigan told him Friday that he will attend a meeting on Monday.

Quinn has called lawmakers back to Springfield for a June 19 special legislative session on pensions. He says he will push legislators every day until then to forge an agreement to fix the worst-in-the-nation pension problem.

Quinn called the special session after two credit rating agencies downgraded Illinois' rating because of the Legislature's inaction.

Responding to a reporter's question, Quinn said he wasn't concerned the current stalemate would affect him in next year's gubernatorial race.

"There are always going to be sideline critics. They may carp. They may complain, but the bottom line is I'm in the arena getting the jobs done for everyday people, and the people of Illinois know that," he said.

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