Puppy Stolen From Naperville Pet Store

The 10-week-old English Bulldog was going to be a Christmas gift for a family, Petland Naperville said in a statement

A puppy was stolen from a pet store in suburban Naperville last week, according to the store and police.

The theft took place at around 2:36 p.m. on Dec. 18, Petland Naperville said in a statement.

A 10-week-old male blue merle English Bulldog puppy was taken, according to the store's statement, which called the dog a "rare color of a very popular breed."

Petland "gives extra special veterinary care to this breed," the store said - leaving caretakers fearful for the puppy's health.

"Bulldogs are especially prone to specific ailments, and that is why they receive extra special veterinary care," Petland Naperville manager Jason St. Charles said in the statement, adding, "I fear that this puppy is now not being cared for properly at all."

A Naperville Police Department spokesman confirmed the theft of the dog, adding that authorities were working to recover any security footage from the store at the time.

The dog was slated to be a Christmas surprise, according to Petland, which said that a family had made an appointment to see the dog that evening and was planning on taking him home.

"This puppy was already very popular. He would have surely ended up in a great home that is properly prepared to care for him. Our main concern is finding the puppy and ensuring his health," Petland Naperville owner Carl Swanson said.

The dog is microchipped and registered, the store said, so if it ends up at a shelter or rescue, they will be able to properly identify it.

Petland asked anyone with information on the theft or the puppy's whereabouts to contact Naperville police.

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