Pundits Pan Durbin, Reid

Spineless weaklings caved in

The early reviews of the way U.S. Senate leaders Harry Reid and Dick Durbin are withering.

* "Rod Blagojevich disgraced himself, and quite possibly broke the law, allegedly trying to sell Barack Obama's Senate seat.  But it's the spineless chaps who run the U.S. Senate who are bringing a truly ugly end to the Roland Burris controversy," Greg Hinz of Crain'swrites.

* "Weaklings," writes Rich Miller on his Capitol Fax Blog.

* "So the Chicago Way hauled off and slapped the U.S. Senate in the face - one of those backhands with the knuckles to unsuspecting lips - and guess who blinked?" writes John Kass in the Tribune.

* "The other members of the [Senate] have lost their backbone and are preparing to sell the voters of this state down the Illinois River," writes Mark Brown in the Sun-Times.

And it's not just the locals who are upset.

* "Burris forced the Senate leadership into a humiliating climb-down," Ben Smith writes at Politico.

* "So how exactly did Roland Burris walk so easily over that line Sen. Reid drew in the sand?" Josh Marshall wonders at Talking Points Memo.

* "Egg shortage declared in the Metropolitan Washington area. The entire current market supply is on Harry Reid's face," writes Kagro X at Daily Kos.

And finally, perhaps the best line of 'em all:

* "I want to play poker with Harry Reid," Jane Hamsher writes at Huffington Post.

Don't we all.

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