Puggle Tossed From Car Window Reunited With Family, But Perpetrator Still at Large: Police

A 1-year-old Puggle that was thrown from a moving car was reunited with its family recently—but authorities are still trying to determine who tossed the pooch and why.

According to a report from the Daily Herald, the dog, named Misty, was unharmed during the incident over the weekend in Round Lake Park.

"We just find it unfathomable somebody would treat an animal this way," Round Lake Park Police Chief George Filenko told the newspaper. "This is obviously an intentional act."

Police found the dog Sunday around 6:22 p.m. on Washington Street near Fairlawn Drive.

Police did not know who owned the dug, but Filenko, being a puggle owner himself, recalled meeting the dog’s family when responding with police officers to a home in the area. The police chief even took a picture of Misty to show to his family, the paper reports.

That photo helped him identify the dog and police were able to return the puggle to its “frantic” owners.

The family, according to the Daily Herald, said Misty got loose about 5 p.m. Sunday.

Filenko described the family as “visibly upset.”

The police chief told the newspaper there are plenty of ways for someone to handle giving a dog up so they are not abandoned. If a resident were to find a stray dog, for instance, they can call Round Lake Park police who will hold the animal until an owner is found.

Police are still trying to determine who it was that threw Misty from a white SUV.

“I’m looking to make an arrest,” Filenko said.

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