Protestors Opposed to School Closings Arrested Outside City Hall

Chicago Police arrested nearly a dozen parents and activists gathered outside City Hall to protest school closings.

"We just got released after doing a protest and rally and press conference outside of City Hall all in support of making sure that we expressed the students, parents and teachers concerns about a moratorium on school closings," said Shannon Bennett, who was one of ten protestors arrested Friday night during the demonstration.

Police arrested and charged 10 protestors with violating a city ordinance of trespassing Friday night. Many of those arrested were released shortly after 4 a.m. Saturday, Bennett said.

The demonstration began Friday afternoon, only a few hours after CEO of Chicago Public Schools Barbara Byrd-Bennett called for more time before making any decisions on a new list of school closings.

Protestors and activists who gathered for the rally accuse Mayor Rahm Emanuel of closing more public schools in favor of charter schools.

"We want a moratorium on school closings," said Jesus Campuzano, who was one of ten protestors arrested Friday night. "Enough is enough. We cannot have children traveling out of our neighborhood when there are schools that are sitting their unused."

At point during the demonstration, it was estimated that more than 100 people gathered outside the mayor's office to protest.

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