Protesters Heckle Rahm During Earth Day Event

Mayor Rahm Emanuel can't seem to escape protesters these days.

The Chicago Teachers Union, Occupy Chicago, Coalition Against the NATO / G8 War & Poverty Agenda ... and now the Mental Health Movement, imploring the mayor not to close six of 12 public mental health facilities in Chicago.

The protesters, upset over the closures, went straight to the source Sunday and interrupted Emanuel during an Earth Day event.

Demonstrators yelled non-stop as the mayor helped a group of children plant a tree on the Southwest Side. The mayor's bodyguards and Chicago Police tried to keep the protesters at a distance, but after a few minutes, the mayor left the event early.

This isn't the first time protesters spoke up during an Emanuel event.

Last month, they crashed Chicago's 175th birthday celebration at the Chicago History Museum. As the mayor stood beside a colorful birthday cake and the Chicago Children's Choir, protesters yelled about mental health facility closings making it harder for people to get help and ultimately costing lives.

Emanuel quickly left the room looking mildly insulted and without responding to anyone in the group. A voice directed partygoers to the next room. "Please join us in the next room for birthday cake," the voice said.

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