Local Protesters Disrupt Scott Walker Speech

About 60 demonstrators bought tickets to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's speech and interrupted it

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's Thursday morning speech in Chicago hit a snag when dozens of local protesters stood up and interrupted him for several minutes.

About 60 demonstrators from Stand Up! Chicago and Occupy Chicago along with ASFME union workers bought tickets for Walker's breakfast speech at the Union League Club. As he began, a protester stood and spoke from a prewritten message. Other demonstrators, in "human microphone" fashion, repeated the words.

"Gov. Walker has set a very bad example in Wisconsin in terms of how he treats working families and workers," said Stand Up! Chicago spokeswoman Catherine Murrell, who coordinated efforts outside during the disruption. "We reject that in Illinois."

Leiha Edmonds, 22, of Stand Up! Chicago purchased a ticket and said Walker had to pause for several minutes as staffers tried to silence the disruption. But as one person was hushed, Edmonds said, another protester spoke up.

"Our goal is to be a part of the conversation," she said, adding Illinois doesn't want collective bargaining rights for public employees ignored as they were is Wisconsin.

Walker continued his speech after the interruption to applause. 

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